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The Wider Movement is a free association of individuals, initiatives and organisations that derive inspiration and insights from the work of Rudolf Steiner and others since him, and to some extent apply this in their own work. The Wider Movement comes out of a wish to meet and communicate with each other, to share experience and expertise and to inform and engage with the public. 


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Kufunda began as a dream almost  fifteen years ago when Maaianne Knuth, founder, returned from Denmark to Zimbabwe. Her own experience of the wisdom and beauty of the Zimbabwean people, and especially those from rural places, led her to create Kufunda as a place of learning, where people could recover their sense of pride, wisdom, and capacity in working with their own knowledge,,,


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Mwanangu Development Tanzania (MWADETA), is a registered NGO’s under Non- Governmental Organizations Act, 2002 with registration No. 00NGO/00010215, having its registered postal address as PO Box 84 Dar. Head quarters in Vikindu Mkuranga, Coastal Region.

It started its operations in 2013 working with the main referral hospitals in Tanzania (Muhimbili, Bugando, Mbeya) 


Visit their website by clicking here.

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