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The 7-day All Africa Anthroposophic training will take place on the 6th to the 13th August, 2023 in Zanzibar.


This will be the final module in a course of five modules being held in East Africa, for people from all walks of life and from all over the African Continent, to attend and connect with like-minded individuals.

The training is an opportunity for you to deepen your anthroposohpical knowledge - which is the knowledge of the human being - across the disciplines of biodynamic farming, Waldorf education, child development, anthroposophic medicine, community development practice, and more.

Last year, we held the successful 2022 Ugandan AAAT Conference with 120 participants. With the recent easing of COVID restrictions, we are expecting many more people to attend this year’s conference in Kizimkazi, Zanzibar. 

The AAAT Conference is the only anthroposophic training opportunity in Africa with the aim to support people and communities to deepen their knowledge in order to realise and act on, their responsibilities towards human development and the environment.

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