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The 7-day training will take place on the 14th to the 21st of August, 2022 at Nabinonya Resort Beach, Uganda. 120 participants are expected to participate, 60 of which are Ugandans. Others will come from other African countries, Europe and America.

We will explore how to:
...apply Biodynamic principles for a healthy soil, healthy food, and healthy human beings;

...learn about Anthroposophic medicine for improved knowledge and use of African medicine;


...understand the relevance of Waldorf education methods in today’s education system; and


...inquire how different businesses create economic opportunities in the African perspective.

Main Themes: Anthroposophy and Spiritual Science | Biodynamic Agriculture | Home-based Care (Natural Medicines and Therapies) | Social Community Building | Climate Change | Education

Lectures - Facilitated by inspired speakers from anthroposophic perspectives.

Observation - Participants are expected to make personal observations and come up with

conclusive findings.

Group Discussions - Depending on the Workshop theme, relevant literature is used to provide answers to the participants. They also include personal reflections and identifications.

Presentations - Every evening different initiatives participating in the training present what they do and this inspires fellow participants through sharing.

Art - Some of the seven lovely arts are used to keep participants fully active like eurythmy, storytelling, making puppets among others.

Hands-on Training - Especially in Biodynamic Agriculture principles and practices.

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