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The All African Anthroposophic Training is a five module anthroposophic training for the African continent.


It brings general teachings and development from Anthroposophy to participants from across Africa who have an interest in human development. More detailed workshop streams can be chosen by each participant where they wish to deepen their knowledge.


The training will include offerings in the following areas:  Anthrophosophic medicine, biodynamic farming, child development, ethical business, and Waldorf education.


The training is enabled and supported by highly skilled leaders in each of these fields. Each year the All African Anthroposophic Training will take place in a different African country to support the development of a growing network of people committed to human and social development. The first AAAT took place in Kenya, then Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Uganda and now Zanzibar.

We are joined by Joan Sleigh, director of the WSIF; Michaela Glöckler, emeritus head of the Medical Section at the Goetheanum. Angela Hoffmann who manages the Sekem agricultural work and many more.

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