1. African Economic Development based on the Threefold Social Order

   with David Wertheim Aymes


The workshop will work with how the threefold social order (TSO) concepts can work for Africa. Africa is open to and desirous of a viable self-made future, and Africa needs to find a smart and sustainable way to link into economic activity. There is much in the ideas of the threefold social order that can inform this pathway. We will be exploring these together.


2. Celebrating the festivals of the year as a foundation for a new, healthy family and home culture 

    with Richard Goodall


In the workshop we will explore:

  • The festivals as the process of human development

  • Cosmic rhythms and the human being

  • St John’s festival and Michaelmas.

  • Homemaking today

  • The art of conversation

  • Forgiveness and prayer as the foundation of social art

  • What do children really need?


3. Biodynamic Farming

    with Rolf and Anne Bucher and Angela Hofmann

The workshop will be an introduction into the basics of organic and biodynamic agriculture, including: soil fertility, understanding soil health, compost and manure, crop rotation, plant families, improving plant health (pest & diseases), agroforestry, seeds......and more.


We will also work practically with the biodynamic preparations: production and use of the biodynamic preparations including field sprays, compost preps and more. We will share guidelines and principles to ensure  the quality of biodynamic preparation. 


4. Waldorf Education

    With Joan Sleigh

Waldorf Education follows a curriculum which places the human being in its highest potential at the centre of its focus. Its goal is to unfold and enhance all levels of human becoming, in the appropriate time and manner, so that independent individuals may development and emerge, as freely thinking, confident shapers society.

5. Anthroposophic Medicine

    with Dr Friedeman Schad

Anthroposphic Medicine (AM) is a modern example of integrative medicine, which improves health outcomes through a holistic approach to medical treatment including physical, psychological and social health. AM addresses health resources in patients, understands illness as development on individual bases and focuses on how to keep people healthy rather than on why they fall ill. AM brings together the diagnostic and therapeutic approaches of science based conventional medicine with the philosophical and spiritual knowledge of anthroposophy. The spectrum of applied medicine includes natural medicines, external applications and special medical massages, artistic therapies, eurythmy therapy, life coaching and biographical counselling. The course invites health professionals and therapists. An introduction in AM is given and practical issues are discussed, Topics like research methods or cancer therapy can be deepened.


6. Children with Special Needs

    With Andrea Seeman


The workshop will give an overview of different types (polarities) of children with special needs and how to deal with them. One main focus will be laid on children with hyperactivity. How can we develop a deeper understanding and find ways of support (with practical examples).

7. Practical course: External applications in baby nursing and midwifery

    with Julia Schad

Between herbal, African traditional and anthroposophical approaches in pregnancy, labour and early childhood. The participants contribute with their own practical experience in order to compile an anthroposophical-african approach for praxis. - This course might be given together with Judith Taberna.