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The All Africa Anthroposophic Training

The Fifth All African Anthroposophic Training is happening in Zanzibar this week. Almost 120 people have gathered from all over Africa to develop our personal leadership and capacity to be in service of our communities.  

We are in a deep river of learning. We are learning from the wisdom of nature, studying and experiencing soul development practices, we are engaging in different practical workshops that bring skills out of anthroposophy  (biodynamic farming, the art of conversation, understanding trauma, child development, the art of community building), and much more. And finally we are weaving the networks of Africans who are working in different contexts and countries - what more becomes possible when we engaged with each other, and connect with our initiatives. 

To make such a week possible, financial resources are also needed. We are extremely grateful for any contribution from those who are able to support us -

as not everyone here can afford the full costs of such a working week. 

If you like to help us please read our invitation for support

2023 Programme 

The 2023 All Africa Anthroposophical Training will be held in Zanzibar from the 6th-13th August. It will be a week of deep immersion across different disciplines that have all been enriched and enlightened through anthroposophy.

Previous Conferences

The first All Africa Anthroposophical Training took place in Kenya in 2018. The second conference took place in Zimbabwe and last year it was hosted in Tanzania. 

Find out more about our previous conferences.


The All African Anthroposophic Training is a modular anthroposophic training for the African continent. It brings general teachings and development from Anthroposophy to participants from across Africa who have an interest in human development.

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